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Our goal is to provide our Flint and Lansing area customers with the best possible lawn care service and highest quality products at an affordable price. Our service personnel at Great Lakes Landcare are state certified  and trained to apply the right amount of product at the right time. Although each individual treatment will provide visual results, the eight treatment balanced program is your best chance to achieve a healthy, lush landscape that will enhance your property aesthetics and value dramatically.


Late Winter (Late February/March)

As soon as winter begins to transition from winter to spring , a treatment of horticultural oil is applied to your landscape material. This treatment is designed to suffocate over-wintering insects and as well as their eggs.


Early Spring (March/April)

Our spring deep root soil injection is a balanced slow release fertilizer. The application provides plant material with the necessary nutrients to stimulate new growth and properly prepare the ornamentals to survive the stress of a Michigan summer.


Spring (April)

This foliar spray treatment of insect and disease control minimizes early spring damage caused by prevalent Michigan pests such as; Birch Leaf Minor, Elm Leaf Beetles, Cottony Maple Scale, Apple Scab.


Early Summer (May/June)

This foliar spray application targets existing potential Mid-Michigan pests such as; second population scale, aphids, mites, lace bugs, ash saw fly, tent caterpillars and some borers.


Summer (June/July)

this is a foliar spray treatment of plant material to control existing insect populations and active disease pathogens found in both our Flint and Lansing markets such as; Anthracnose, Rust, Apple Scab, Leaf Spot, Powdery Mildew, Japanese Beetles, etc.


Early Fall (August/September)

This Foliar spray application of plant material is used to control existing insect populations and active disease pathogens such as; Anthracnose, Rust, Apple Scab, Leaf Spot, Powdery Mildew, Japanese Beetles, Fall Webworms and many others that reside in Michigan.


Fall (Late September/October)

 A blend of fertilizer is injected into the root zone designed to provide the necessary nutrients to stimulate custom root growth and establish a lush food reserve for over wintering landscape material.


Late Fall (Late October/November)

Dormant Horticultural Oil applied to trees & ornamentals to smother difficult to control insects (such as; mites, aphids & scale) in their over wintering stage before they can cause damage during Michigan winters.



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We offer residential and commercial lawn care. In addition to lawn & tree maintenance and Perimeter Pest Control we provide mowing, snow removal and numerous optional additional services.
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