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Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible service and highest quality products at an affordable price. Our service personnel are state certified and trained to apply the right amount of product at the right time. Although each individual treatment will provide visual results the seven treatment balanced program is your best chance to achieve a healthy, vigorous, green, weed free lawn.


Early Spring (March/April)

Our first visit is designed to promote early spring green up and recovery from any winter stress.
In addition, it includes a pre-emergent barrier to better control crabgrass.


Spring (May/June)

Fertilization to help thicken turf, promote shoot growth and maintain color and density. A post emergent weed control for broadleaf weeds will be applied at this time.


Early Summer (June/July)

Weather and moisture will determine which type of fertilizer is applied to your turf area. The treatment will maintain color and encourage drought hardiness. Weeds will be spot treated as needed.


Summer (July/August)

 A slow release granular fertilizer with iron will be applied to maintain color without encouraging excessive shoot growth. Weeds will be spot treated as needed.


Early Fall (Late August/September)

This liquid fertilizer treatment is designed to help your lawn recover from summer stress and promote shoot growth and color. A blanket application of weed control will also be applied.


Fall (September/October)

This granular fertilizer treatment is applied to continue to improve the overall health and vigor of the lawn while maintaining color. Weeds will be spot treated as needed.


Early Winter (Late October/November)

This winterize treatment encourages root growth and storage of carbohydrates important to winter hardiness. This treatment is not designed to promote shoot growth as this may prove unhealthy for the plant depending on depth and length of snow cover. Soil conditioner may be substituted for this treatment if deemed necessary.




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We offer residential and commercial lawn care. In addition to lawn & tree maintenance and Perimeter Pest Control we provide mowing, snow removal and numerous optional additional services.
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